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[ Looks like it's that time again ]
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[ Charles is sitting outside Ometotchtli, a shard on his lap ]
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Apparently this has been really unclear, hence this post.

Charles' telepathy is entirely opt-out unless I have OOC permission or if the character's thoughts are in the comment itself (in which case, I assume it's okay for Charles to read them). Charles will not be reading character's thoughts unless one of those factors are present. If you wish to opt-in and handwave stuff/keep him posted for whatever reasons in a thread, that's fine too! Just comment here to give me the details.

Also, I would like to know who is okay with being tagged by Charles. Again, he will not be reading minds without permission but if anyone is uncomfortable with that aspect, please let me know! A PM to this journal/to plurk works fine too!
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Details: Link.
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- w e l p
- My boyfriend drove a coin into Shaw's head, something I felt completely
- He'sss not going to be angry, but he'll definitely be shaken to some extent because that was brutal.
- He knew a little of how people felt when they died so there'll be less pain. He's felt people die and come back to life via deco.
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SUP I AM A HIPPIE NOW stay tuned
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Hiatus for Luke and Charles until I feel better (and suffer from less anxiety attacks). They're both going to be with the Empress. Thank you guys for your time and patience and hopefully I'll bounce back quickly enough.


Aug. 30th, 2014 07:48 pm
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Charles is now permanently wheelchair bound as of Day 90. He put his shard in and will be using the wheelchair wherever he goes.
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Details: Charles can now control minds! He can't rewrite/make them forget, but he can make them do whatever he wants :)


Aug. 15th, 2014 04:21 pm
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[ time to mortal kombat our morals ]
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[ sometimes, future megalomaniacs like to have dates. ]
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(thank you random icon)

Received: Day 66
Details: quest for a wheelchair guyz
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Received: Day 63
Details: Outing himself in Decollage
- a lot of fear, bitterness and resignation.
- He will have a better grasp of his powers now
- He miiiight be less inclined to tell people he's a telepath tho.
- But he won't lie about it either.
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Received: Day 48

Received: Day 51
Details: Link
- helping his team mateeee who is a cannibal... fun!!

Received: Day 53
Details: Being able to project thoughts and images into other people's minds.
- telepathic fun times.
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Received: Day 43
Details: Link
- +100 resignation with dying
- +1000 pain
- +100 love/bonding with Fawn and in turn, caring for Omelettes
- +50 repression of his own fears of not belonging
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Received: Day 41
Details: Link
- +100 dere for Erik
- +100 understand of powers and people
- +50 empathy boost and appreciation for others.
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Received: Day 38
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- another meeting with the CIA! . . . he is not impressed with them.
- this is a very nice memory to receive because it shows that he and Erik are on the same page.
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[ knocking on Epona's door ]
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